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Our Story

Our story begins in 2020, when Kim Rozendaal, drawing on her extensive real estate background and knowledge of Narrabri and the North West, established KR PROPERTY.

The Gold Lion emblem symbolising strength, leadership, and vision, embodies Kim’s South African heritage and the teams commitment to excellence in every transaction.

Beginning in a small home office, in the midst of Covid-19, Kim was pleasantly surprised by the rapid growth of her small business. 

Her straightforward approach and quick results resonated with clients, laying the groundwork for the agency’s expansion. Driven by Kim’s vision, KR Property aims to restore the authenticity and sincerity that define the essence of being a real estate agent.

Over the past three years, KR Property has welcomed Eden Rozendaal, Jenny Jones, and Kodey Stanford, all embodying our motto: PEOPLE, PASSION, PURPOSE. With a new office and a multi-talented team, there is no challenge that the KR Property team cannot overcome. We are Your Key to Real Estate.


Kim Rozendaal

Owner | Licensee

Meet Kim Rozendaal, the dynamic leader behind KR Property. With extensive experience in the real estate industry, Kim’s journey began with a simple idea that rapidly grew into a thriving modern business.

In 2020, Kim established KR Property with a vision: to offer clients a transparent, dedicated sales experience in Narrabri, NSW. Her commitment to honesty and strategy quickly made her one of the region’s most sought-after agents. Kim’s expertise and personalised service ensure each property receives the attention it deserves, from marketing to negotiation, setting her apart in a competitive field.

Under Kim’s leadership, KR Property has become synonymous with integrity, professionalism, and exceptional service. Sellers trust Kim to represent their properties with the highest level of expertise, knowing that she will always prioritise their best interests above all else.

0407 835 207  |  kim@krproperty.com.au

Eden Rozendaal

Real Estate and Stock & Station Agent

Introducing Eden Rozendaal, consistently recommended for her empathetic and authentic approach when dealing with buyers and sellers. As a dedicated member of the KR Property team for the past three years, she is known for her outstanding marketing skills and meticulous attention to detail. Eden’s distinct style will elevate your property to new heights.

Understanding that selling a home is more than a transaction, Eden will attentively listen to your unique needs and concerns, providing guidance through every step of the process. With Eden by your side, you can be assured that your property will be managed with professionalism, care, and expertise.

0498 733 667  |  eden@krproperty.com.au

Jenny Jones

Real Estate Agent

Jenny Jones,  real estate agent, is an invaluable asset to her team due to her dedication and hard work ethic. With an impressive residency of over 50 years in Narrabri, Jenny’s deep connection to the community allows her to provide clients with insightful guidance and personalised service, ensuring high levels of satisfaction. As a proud advocate of the region, her local knowledge and longstanding relationships in the community are invaluable resources for sellers and buyers alike.

Coming from a rural background gives her a unique advantage in understanding the specifics of agricultural properties and the advantages that come along with it. Jenny’s approachability and warm demeanor create an inviting atmosphere for her clients, fostering open communication and trust from the very beginning.

0428 492 517  |  admin@krproperty.com.au

Kodey Stanford

Assistant Agent

Kodey Stanford has recently joined the KR Property team, bringing her unique skills and enthusiasm to the real estate industry. With a bachelor of laws & criminology combined with her experience in business development, her transition into becoming a Class 2 real estate agent is expected to be smooth and efficient.

As the president of the Rotaract Club and a board member of the Narrabri Industrial Network, Kodey actively engages with the community, staying informed about the latest and upcoming developments in the Narrabri Shire. Kodey’s combination of talents paired with her real estate training is sure to set her apart in the industry.

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